Benefits of Being a USW Member

What is the United Steelworkers?

The United Steelworkers is an organization fighting to improve our wages, benefits and working conditions; to ensure justice and dignity on the job; and to create a social movement to better the lives of all working people.

Trained professional staff provides our districts and local unions with expertise in research, economics and public policy, legal services, health and safety, and communications. Equally important, thousands of USW members are trained every year by our Union in these and other skills.

USW collective bargaining agreements set the pattern for hundreds of thousands of workers in dozens of industries. Union contracts do more than raise wages and deliver an array of benefits such as pensions, health care and vacations. They also secure equal treatment on the job and provide an established procedure for resolving differences with supervisors and management — a grievance procedure that resolves disputes on their merits, not on favoritism.

Benefits of USW Membership

The Steelworkers Union Begins with You! In the Steelworkers, YOU are the Union. The Steelworkers are one of the few unions that maintains a "one member equals one vote" philosophy.

• You will make all the decisions in your Local Union by a democratic vote.

• You will nominate and elect Local Union officers from among your co-workers in your bargaining unit and other health care facilities in your area.

• You will vote for Steelworkers District Directors and International Officers. The Steelworkers are one of the few major Unions where members vote directly for the top officers of the International Union. Democratic elections hold our leadership accountable to our membership.

• You will determine your bargaining demands and elect your negotiating team members.

• You will be part of a Local Union that will decide all affairs of the Local Union.

• You will have Steelworker support with staff representatives from our district office to assist your Local in these matters.

• In addition, you can call on support from the various departments of the International Steelworkers Union to assist you in problems related to:

- Health and Safety
- Collective Bargaining Research
- Pensions and Insurance
- Organizing
- Education
- Political Action
- Legal
- Civil Rights
- Communications and Media

Benefits of your USW Local 13-555 Union

All of our members are eligible for membership at the Access of Louisiana credit union. This credit union has competitive rates for auto loans and savings, and you benefit from working with local people who know you and the community. The USW Local 13-555 also provides a monetary benefit ($5 per each current Sasol & Phillips66 member) to the families of deceased members of our Sasol and Phillips 66 groups who were in good standing with the Union at the time of their retirement or death.

As a United Steelworkers member, you are eligible for many discounts from companies like AT&T, Budget Rentals, Dell Computers, Disney, plus discounts on travel, your mortgage, auto insurance, pet insurance, and many more. Visit the Union Plus interactive form to find all the many benefits available specifically to you. We recommend that you join the Union Plus e-mail list so that you are the first to know about special offers and coupons.

The American Income Life insurance company provides insurance and health care discounts and little or no cost to our Union members. You can contact the union hall at 337-625-5490 to get in touch with our local agent for detailed information. You can also view this flyer with information about services AIL provides.

Union Plus has a special credit card available to our union members, with special discounts, financial hardship protections and a union member advocate assigned to you who helps you with any concerns you have or issues that may arise.